# How to enable and use Proof of Play?

# Step 1: Enable Proof of Play Globally in the system

Proof of play provides statistics about media playback.

This feature can be enabled at the Management Console from the Settings Page.


  • Click on the account profile on the top right corner,
  • Click on Settings,


  • Click on Statistics
  • Check the proof of play check box to enable this feature.

# Step 2: Enable Proof of play on the media


  • To enable Proof of Play for each media, click on the settings icon on the top right corner of each media as indicated in the image above.


  • In the Media Settings panel on the right check Enable proof of play checkbox. This way you can choose which media you want to get statistics for.
  • Enter the tags for each media, they will be used to filter the proof of play logs later.
  • Change Media Name if required, it will also help you identify this media in the proof of play logs.


  • Create as many tags as you need.

# Step 3: Preview Statistics

Enable Proof

  • Go to Screens Page
  • Click on Proof of Play,
  • Click on Enable to start collecting media playback statistics,
  • From now, Proof of Play will start collecting statistics from the screens.

Click on Preview

  • To View the statistics, enter from and to dates and enter the tags for filtering or keep tags empty to get all the statistics.


  • The preview shows the media playback statistics grouped by screen, playlist and media name.
  • The preview shows a maximum of 50 records.

Filter Tags

  • To filter using tags, check the tags from drop down and click on Preview again.

Filter Result

  • See above the filtered statistics.

# Step 4: Export to CSV

Export to csv

  • Click on Export as CSV to get the complete statistics data in a csv file.